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Efficient flagpole maintenance in Essex

For flagpole repairs and maintenance in Essex, get in touch with
Calibre Print and Display Ltd. We supply high-quality flagpoles.
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Flag launder and repairs

Even the best made flags will wear over time. Because they are constantly moving the fly edge of the flag is usually the first place that starts to fray. Your flag is often the first thing a visitor will see on arrival and a worn flag makes the wrong impression. 

We offer a launder and repair service for flags for retailers, hotels and owners of public buildings. This service can be carried out as per your convenience to ensure that your flag is in a perfect condition throughout the year.

If your flag needs major work we will advise and provide a quote before starting. If you wish we can also provide a quote for a replacement so you have a new flag ready when the current one finally becomes un-usable.

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Flagpole maintenance

We work with one of the most reputable service providers, offering urgent flagpole repairs if the pole is damaged. We also offer planned repairs and preventative maintenance. We ensure that your street advertising is safety-checked. Even your outside advertising can be periodically checked and maintained. For more details get in touch with us.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the main and overarching legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom. This legislation together with The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places responsibility on business owners, directors, management, supervisors and employees for the health and safety and a duty of care for all people affected by their operations. You won’t find reference to flagpoles in either of these documents but the legislation applies to them all the same. 
Our flagpole maintenance and inspection service is designed to keep your flagpole in a safe working condition. Often positioned near to or overhanging the general public, flags and flagpoles are exposed to continuous movement and at times tremendous strain. We recommend annual maintenance as a way to keep a check on the safety of your flagpole. All inspections and maintenance work are fully documented with a written report that is issued to you as a pdf for inclusion in your building maintenance records. 
Flagpole maintenance work generally consists of: 
Either a thorough close up visual inspection of the flagpole (depending on access) or a visual inspection using binoculars (if access is limited). 
Checking, where practical and safely possible, all mounting hardware, brackets, base plates, anchor bolts, etc. 
Checking the working parts – halyard, finial, cleat, internal mechanisms – and replacement where necessary.
Cleaning or painting to improve cosmetic appearance (optional and by prior arrangement). 
Written report on the findings together with recommendations. 
Fully specified quotation for any further works deemed necessary. 

Flagpole installation

We can supply and install one flagpole or a number of flagpoles from 1.5 metres in height to 20 metres in height.

The flagpoles can be manufactured in a variety of materials such as Aluminium, Glass Reinforced Plastic and wood, in any RAL numbered colour to your requirement all from stock held at our works.

We install flagpoles on the ground, on the side of your building or on the top of your building and we carry brackets/fixings to suit all the common angles.

Installing and maintaining your flagpoles properly will ensure many years of trouble free usage. Our fully trained team (IOSH, CSCS & IPAF qualified) can provide you with a hassle free solution.
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Wall-mounted flagpoles

Wall-mounted flagpoles are available in 2, 3, 4.5 and 6 metres and with angled or vertical wall brackets. They are ideal for street advertising including shop fronts, or on the sides of a building. 

Flags are great for outside advertising. For all your requirements including flagpole repairs and maintenance, get in touch with us.

Ground flagpoles

We supply a wide range of ground mounted flagpoles. Heights range from 4 metres to 12 metres and are available in aluminium and fibreglass. 

Unless otherwise specified all of our flagpoles come with the required fixtures and fittings to get your flagpole up and your flag flying.

As standard our Flagpoles come with Halyard, Finial and Cleat


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flagpole accessories

Flagpole accessories

We supply a range of flagpole accessories. These include halyard rope, finials, cleats and rope clips. View our range of high-quality products in the gallery and to place an order, get in touch with us. Count on us for an exceptional service.
Customer service from this company was second to none. The flag was exactly as we ordered and was delivered very quickly. Will definitely use this service again, when the need arises."
 - FCO Hanslope Park
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